About us

Diversity Jobs is a site dedicated to helping individuals find the right jobs for them. Each person is unique and special and our job is helping place candidates to positions with a diversity focus.

Our belief

All of our recruiters share the dream to place you into a position that was meant for you and we will around the clock to make this happen for you. We believe that your success is our success.

What are clients say

Vanessa C.

"Diversityjobs123 is the best job site for finding diverse and inclusive candidates we have found, and the tools like the JD Diversifier they have with their partnership with OSRecruiter.com are incredibly valuable"

Toussaint McCrae
Pro Cyclist

As a professional cyclist, I need to find jobs to fill in my season so I always use diversityjobs123.com to find positions.

Earl Reaver

"Diversityjobs123 actually found me and offered a position to me through one of their affiliate websites deiemployee/deiajobs.com; I am so happy and grateful"

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